It's all about looks

Media integration in Silverlight

Mike Harsh did a great talk about media integration in Silverlight. One of the most impressive sight was when a full screen feed was overlayed with nine smaller feeds. Looked great, and when i fired upp the process view it was producing a load in the CPU round about!What more? The media encoder in Expression can be used to produce a live feed from one or more video sources so you get kind of poor mans video studio. Nice...The possibility to use media brushes in Silverlight to wrap it to object, and with some xaml coding you can split the video onto any number of objects.Silverlight now is IE, FF and Safari and from a direct question around opera it was more in the line of a couple of bugs in opera that held it back. Eventually a "coming soon" was heard. And its still beta you know...One thing that struck me was the lack of support for other media formats. Well, I'm not a codec guy but it might be that some of the formats out there put a bit to much strain on the codecs, with the risk of hogging too much CPU cykles. Another is the size of plugin, filling it up all kinds of codecs is not a good thing. And hey, flash do not to my knowledge stream WMV or MPEGS, they use their format. It all goes in through the mediacoder anyway...


Went to a session about emotions and user experience. It turns out to be a more of a marketing track, but in a good way. It's inspiring to creep out of the developer/designer hole and step back. Look at the psychology behind an experience.I like listening in on the psychology, the perception for the user how to trigger the feelings you want to apply to the user and how to do it. And of course it helps with a inspiring speaker like Lou Carbone.

Blend in a designers view

Looked into the designer view of blend. And well prepared bindable objects seems to be one of the absolute keys to collaborating with development. To bind buttons to bindable commands in a bindable objects beats having to add an event handler and adding code for that. At least in a designers perspective.I picked up a few tricks along the way, hard to recap in text, I suggest you try it out for yourself instead.

Silverlight .NET

Watched the Silverlight .NET session. Don't get me wrong here, it's cool that you are actually able to code in C# using Silverlight to create a client side web application. But if you have actually done some XAML coding this isn't exactly new.Most of it is so similar (and thats a good thing) that you dont even notice it's a web application your coding. But using WPF since day 1 it's feels like old news.

Getting Unstuck

A panel discussion on how to get designers and developers work together. In the panel you found Kristian Bengtsson - FutureLab, Kelly Goto - gotomedia, inc., Chris Messina - Citizen Agency, Luke Wroblewski - Yahoo! It took a slightly different direction, more in the lines on how to get teams to work agile in large corporations. But it resulted in a few insights and confirmations, I try too keep it short:As Chris says, open source design suck! But the fact that this is true probably have to do with the lack of design vision. Visions are good and without them you do not know what problems you are trying to solve.To get agility into large corporates, use bottom up methods. Start in the groups and don't try to sell it to management, deliver and explain what you did. Prove it over and over again until it reaches the top. Kelly is an advocate of scrum as it can be used in bigger scale processes as well as give the flexibility need for the teams. Kelly also described how they were able to get interaction and design into the sprints together with development and that it worked.Now it's late and time to get some sleep for tomorrow.

Mix 07 Keynote - a brief summary

Ray Ozzie Talked started with a small recap on Win32 and that there still commitment to it for the native app and for the XBox. How the shift has been from document, text and numbers to media and rich content.Announcing that Expression is now shipping. And the work with the next version has already started. How they are now committed to extending the media content with new APIs and services for rich web content. Also announcing Silverlight streaming. A server where you can upload 4GB content an at a maximum of 10min clips. Seems a bit short but the best about it is that they support up to DVD quality. Just a tad better than you are used to on Youtube...Scott Guthrie is introduced (with audience roaring) and we begin to se what developers might expect for the future. It should be obvious that they are not trying to kill flash, this is something that have bigger plans. With a complete CLR in Silverlight you will also get full support to code like you are used to. No more javascript - Yeah! Robust managed code working on the web. You will even have access to the DOM in the code right there.So you will have C# and VB from the start and they are a long way on implementing IronRuby, the .NET version of ruby. It was cool to see them running the demon on safari, a dynamic ruby console with intellisense, nice.A few demos from partners, Netflix looks cool, ability to get online and watch synchronized films with buddies in your buddy list. And the ability to step forward in the viewing, just drag and watch. CBS did a presentation on their site where you could upload content. I can't stop the nagging feeling that they try to capitalize on their users, here they will be able get content and clips from top news from their viewers, and I suspect there is a hidden license or something where lawyers have gone berserk making sure CBS are getting all the rights stuff for the clips.For me as a non-sports fan the Basball application demo was not that impressive. One cool thing was the player tracking but other than that, nah. (It could be that I was a bit tired just then). The following demo was Top Banana from Metalic, that was better, they focused on all those small clips that are created today using mobile phones and the likes. Getting them into a tool and quick editing them to create a small film. It was based on Silverlight they showed a little bit of the work flow used when creating their app.Ohh, I almost forgot, Wayne Smith demoed how to use media encoder, blend (2) and expression web (2) to encode and style around a video and place it on a website. Looks great and impressive, can't wait to get my hands on that.That's as much of the key note as I could possible remember. You can always see for yourself