JayLookLeftFor quite a while I have been working at Dotway, as developer and UI guy. We consist of a group of highly specialized companies Jayway, Dotway, Testway, Leadway, and Realway. But this also created confusion, what way are we coming from. Anyway (pun intended), we decided to collect all our efforts under one name - Jayway. But rest assured, we will keep our focus on things we love and there will be a .NET team within Jayway. And soon you might also see a UX team emerge...

Here is the press release:

Five ways become one - Jayway


Dotway, Jayway, Leadway, Realway and Testway gather under one name.We now simply call ourselves Jayway. As one company we become more visible and distinct and we will be able to offer our clients an even stronger package. We are the same passionate experts working with the same intense commitment and we will continue to deliver the same first class services. You will meet the same people with the same courage and pride. And a new fish - Jay!

Like Jayway, the blowfish is unique. It swims fearlessly in unknown waters and is a rare delicacy – the best of its kind. On the surface Jayway’s offer might not be rare, but the way we solve your problems is unique. Effectively, passionate and uncomplicated.


// Håkan Reis